Andrew Aloha, Myself & I are grateful &
thankful we're all being Blessed now with
being kind, considerate, generous, grateful,
thankful, compassionate, loving, healthy,
wealthy, fun, enlightened and in right
relationship with each other, with ourselves
and all that's around us, karma free, debt
free, effortlessly, easily & abundantly so that
all of us feel good, grateful and thankful
about this now in the name of
God/dess....OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Andrew Aloha
Andrew Aloha, Myself & I are grateful & thankful for all the love, healing, health, wealth, security, safety,
success, prosperity, support, kindness, assistance, protection, forgiveness, food, mercy, blessings, gifts, rewards,
divine humor, inheritance, grace, gratitude, creativity, inspiration, consideration, acceptance, integrity,
intimacy, rejuvenation, divine music, cashflow, currency, legacy, freedom, nature, nurturement, education,
wisdom, intelligence, intellect, empowerment, knowledge, understanding, insight, intuition, oxygen, Aloha,
home & family (Your Name/Other Names), Myself & I are receiving, acquiring, accepting, experiencing, feeling &
being now.....karma free, debt free, effortlessly, endlessly, easily & abundantly in the name of God OM Shanti,
Shanti, Shanti.

Andrew Aloha
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Revitalized Biogenic Activator: The Key to Ultimate Health - Return to Nature
Tamara Rodriguez Mehl - Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Producer Extraordinaire
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A Spiritual Image Production's Angel of God Praying......:)
“Love     All,     Serve     All”........“Help     Ever,     Hurt     Never”
Maha Dakini-L's life has been a personal journey exploring sexuality and spirituality for over twenty years. She is a Certified Tantric Counselor and Tantric Healer, and a certified Mind-Sound teacher. Maha Dakini-L is also a graduate of Margot Anand's yearlong Sky Dancing Tantra Facilitator Training program.
With advanced Quantum Energy technology at Light Stream Technologies, David Sereda has found a way to condense this process. Using a series of 5 quantum energy generators, we can now place religious or natural harmonic vibrations into stone, crystal or natural materials.
Feminine Wisdom with Lorae Lauritch - website
On The 90 Day Ascension Journey you will be facilitated with finding, defining and/or redefining your True/Soul Life Purpose, what Ascension is to you and what it will take for you to get there.  Through a soul centered process you will go through a life long transformation process that will allow you to move forward with your endeavors.
Dolores Cannon, in her book - The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth, through her hypnosis work has discovered three waves of these volunteers. Some have come direct from the Source and have never lived in any type of physical body before. Others have lived as space beings on other planets or other dimensions.
The DNA of Success: Know What You Want to Get What You Want by Jack M. Zufelt
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Join radio show host Andrew Aloha “Live”, innerviewing with people from all over the world who talk about God, Angels, Healing, Technology, Websites, UFO's, Aliens, art, artists, music and more every 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sunday of the month, 7-9pm AZT (Arizona Time) @ or call (646) 716-4251.
Intimacy, Tantra and Relationships Psychically Fulfilled
Michiko Ishikawa of Sharing for Peace
Text The Romance Back with Michael Fiore.....Facebook Romance Secrets: Use Facebook to Romance Your Next Lover....And, receive a FREE copy of Three Magic Texts report.....:)
Donations are appreciated, for those who wish to support Amma Sri Karunamayi's charity projects and more....:)
Heaven On Earth by Paul Armitage: album
Sam J. Maranto has been the Host & Co-Host of four radio talk shows. He is also the State Director of the Illinois State Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, also known as MUFON.
In Channeling Harrison Book One, beyond any apparent reason, George Harrison began appearing in David's life. At first, these unusual experiences occurred about every two months, even though David knew little of channeling experiences, was far from being a Beatles fan, and quite afraid of ghosts. Over 100 real life miracles have occurred, many included in Channeling Harrison Book One. This fascinating book is being released in March by the publisher of the widely read book, Conversations With God. Now, Channeling Harrison offers you a new way to think about life after death.
Museum of the Unexplained Aerial Analomies Research Group with Larry Roy Cekander
Therapist and Proprietor of a private practice, Rose Neves-Grigg takes a personal approach toward life and is consistently working to build a society of tranquility and peace. A spiritualist, founded on a belief in Christ, Rose has developed a rare spiritual hypotheses that allows her to guide clients toward identifying themselves while jointly applying therapeutic methods to achieve individual goals. Rose hails from the land of John of God in Brazil.
I Am the Flame Candles: Each candle is exclusive in-and-of itself. The candles are hand-made in independent (one to two pound) batches of color and aroma. As a result each candle is created with its own individual character. No two candles are the same. Our processing and preparation follow the moon cycles to ensure the candle is made under ideal conditions to provide the user with the most positive results when the candle is lit and allowed to burn continuously (in a fire safe environment).
Food in Root, with Market Manager - Tim Keene, is a small business who believes you can change your world through food.
The Heartland Hypnosis Conference in St. Louis, MO is presented by William Mitchell Events, 1 - 3 May, 2015. It can earn you 6 CEU Credits and includes Cynthia Grgurich, Dr. Joe Craig, Dr. John Edgette, Dr. Richard Nongard, Lee Pelletier, Michelle Matteson, ElizaBeth Bell, Sailesh Jiawan, William Mitchell and more as presenters.
Alaine Shrewsbury states that she is a leader who is gratified to see so much change and improvement in people's eating choices, and actions taken on behalf of animals and the environment. I shall continue to enjoy myself and help as many as I can for the remainder of my life. Yes!
Divine Quotes - link (Sai Baba's Thought for the Day)
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Jai Uttal, one of the West's foremost voices of India's kirtan chant tradition, and multi-instrumentalist Ben Leinbach gather together their most loved recordings. Sequenced as an unfolding musical celebration, here are favorites of both the artists and their fans. Lifeline spans a decade of collaboration that reflects the myriad faces of kirtan and beyond-ranging from unadorned, primordial chant to layered, sacred sound immersions. It's a musical odyssey that inspires us to soar-upward, outward, and into the radiant heart of the Divine. Co-produced by Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach.
Just Eat It, Produced by Jenny Rustemeyer, is a 74-minute documentary film about food waste and food rescue by Peg Leg Films in partnership with British Columbia's Knowledge Network.
N2 The Journey by the Larry Dunn Orchestra is that musical statement: a quantum leap for Dunn-kind. It is a journey fully informed by Africa: The Motherland of us all - bedrock cradle of civilization. As such, the music stretches from the lilting essences of percussion and a cappella voice to vibrant blends of music across stylistic lineages stretching from jazz to rock. There are touchstones to the vibrations of The Fire including a hair-raising revisit to Reasons and a new instrumental that will surely remind some of Let's Groove. Ultimately, there is so much more.
Ammachi – “The Hugging Saint” (Mata Amritanandamayi) - 2015 North American Tour Schedule
In her Sound of a Face cd, Shashi Light concocts a unique blend of ethnic sounds to create what she calls Folk Fusion. Having been immersed in indigenous music since childhood, she developed an early appreciation for the entrancing sounds of Native American, East Indian, African, Irish, etc., flavors of music, as well as culturally diverse customs, languages, dance forms, etc. These influences color her proclivity towards the iconic sounds of Joni Mitchell, John Denver, Buffy St. Marie, Joanne Shenandoah, Jewel, etc. & Shashi's passionate love for Mother Earth, her desire to see equality for all peoples, and her explorations into a variety of art forms has cultivated the ever-evolving sound that emanates from her performances.
In Who Are We: That’s What We Are, author, speaker and spiritual coach, President Bill and Hillary Clinton encouraged Jansenius TiTo Lange Jr. to write this book and begin sharing his tremendous insight into human development. In it Lange shares insight in the areas of life and love energies, and how to use those energies in our everyday lives. You will also learn about the power of meditation, the power of your thoughts, how to go inside to manifest relationships and money, the power of gratitude and appreciation and the power of self understanding. Additionally, Lange Jr. shares how to have more joy and happiness no matter what your outer circumstances might be.
Vande Guroh by the Temple Bhajan Band is:a beautiful compilation of traditional Eastern kirtan put together by a band that has been touring Internationally since 1999.
Michelle's knowledge of the neuro-science of the why behind the how and ElizaBeth's expertise as a cosmetologist and salon owner enables those who utilize their unique industry specific sales program The Hypnotic HairDresser - The Art & Science of the $ixty $econd $ubconscious $ell to create amazing personal and professional success.
In Nightlight by Rachel Collis, her songs  take simple propositions into dangerous territory. She crosses time and space to dig out intriguing scenarios and weaves them into song: the dutiful wife of a super-hero, the fat thief who only does French doors, the explosively literal self-sabotage of a new shop-owner.
We have all heard the saying, 'Music is the Universal language.' This music (Sounds from the Higher Consciousness by David Young) has been inspired by George Harrison and John Lennon and was created with the intention of transcending time, space, logic and human differences. We all have the power to bring healing to the world with infinite potential.
Myth Shattering by Tim Janakos is a semi-autobiographical novel about a young, punkrock kid in Wutherington Beach, Southern California. With his punk rock friends, he steals marijuana plants from his neighbors' backyards, smokes them in the group's underground club house and shoplifts for munchies on a daily basis. However, on one summer afternoon, while trying to hide a large bag of marijuana in his apartment's garage, he discovers his dead father's revolutionary book collection. The things he reads in these books open his eyes wide to the nefarious history of the US government and the nefarious nature of its foreign and domestic policy. This awakening causes him to search for other like books, which further awaken him to the need for revolutionary change in his county. However, the more he learns, the more bewildered he becomes, and the more withdrawn he becomes from school and social life, until he is on the brink of total despair. What finally saves him are the books in his father's collection about Nichiren Buddhism.
Spiritual Image Productions © All Rights Reserved.
In Mastery of Consciousness: Awaken the Inner Prophet by Nandhi Tapasyogi, he states that the path of enlightenment is the journey within the human spirit that brings consciousness into the human form. He brilliantly brings the ancient and mystical wisdom of the South Indian Siddhars right into the heart center of every human being. The book Mastery of Consciousness - Awaken the Inner Prophet imparts the potent wisdom of empowerment through: Brief Autobiography of Tapasyogi Nandhi, Siddhar Yogi Visionary; 108 Consciousness Sutras; 108 Pages of Illumined Mystical Pictures; Articles: Siddhar Yogic Insights into Consciousness; and an interview with Tapasyogi Nandhi. The intent of this book is for the readers is to Awaken. Be the Prophet by alighting our own inner Guru, the lamp of wisdom.
William Mark was born and raised in Altoona, PA, venturing to New York, then finally settling in Phoenix, AZ. As is the normal, Mark dabbled in religion, moved onto spirituality, until one day coming to the realization, All there is is What Is, which is formless, timeless, eternal, the peace beyond understanding, your true nature. And What Is seems to take the shape of an infinite amount of appearances, which we call The Dream World.
Kendra Cromwell and Paul Sorensen coined the term Liquid Gypsy to exemplify the way we move and feel through life. Life is a very fluid thing; always changing and bringing about rough waters or calm, peaceful waters. Liquid comes in metaphorical examples of challenges, emotions, experiences, but also as a factual statement. Liquid is life. Therefore, when considering liquid as a term for gypsies, we see that gypsies themselves are very fluid spirits; always moving, adapting, and going where the wind takes them. We liquid gypsies enjoy living fluidly through life as well as enjoying the traditional liquid beverages of the region we are in, such as: local wine, coffee, tea, yerba mate, pisco, caipirinha, pulque, chai, moonshine and so on.
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Other Events - link (photo of Karunamayi)
Spiritual Image Productions on BlogTalkRadio: Friday & Sunday Nights @ 7 p.m.
Jan Harzan is the national director of the Mutual UFO Network or MUFON that recently moved its world headquarters to Newport Beach.
The Urantia Book
Author of Sex & Happiness, Film Producer, Sex Educator, Intimacy Coach, Tantra Teacher, Talk Show Host and Spiritual Leader, Laurie Handlers has taught Butterfly Tantra workshops for women, men, couples and singles since 1999 on ancient Indian, Tibetan and Egyptian Tantric techniques and secrets that are the basis of healing the body, releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the aging process, and reducing stress. Handlers is a global citizen and currently divides her time between the US, India and the UK. Her vision is to get Women and Men Dancing in Eternal Ecstasy on Earth Now!
Sin Boldy: Justifying Faith For Fragile and Broken Souls by Ted Peters
Bhajo Ma: Kirtan of Divine Mother by Mangalananda: cd cover
Owner, Kathy Favata Holton's mission for The Healing & Learning Center & Metaphysical Gift Shop is to bring lifelong health solutions to the consumer. They believe in providing spiritual healing of the body, mind and spirit, through hands on healing, most commonly known as Reiki, life coaching, meditation and uplifting messages. They promote all natural methods that are chemical-free, GMO free, not tested on animals and allow the consumer to take responsibility for his or her own health. Their staff is comprised of students, volunteers, and self employed practitioners who are free to build and expand their own skills, in an environment which is nurturing to all. It is their hope that all who visit The Healing & Learning Center leave with peace and joy in their heart.
Jamal aka: Shaughan Parson
At The 2016 ZeroWaste Event:Waste Management Phoenix Open, Vegware is the completely compostable food packaging firm operating globally.
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Pyramids Around the World & Lost Pyramids of Bosnia by Dr. Sam Osmanagich is an in depth look at pyramids which have been discovered on every continent on Earth-;Bosnia, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, India, China and even the United States. Filled with more than 300 color photographs documenting various locations and aspects of the pyramids, this book is a must see.
Reverend Marietta White - Psychic Medium
MUFON, Mutual UFO Network, is the Scientific Study of UFO's for the Benefit of Humanity. It's mission is to Investigate UFO sightings and enter the data into the MUFON Database for use by researchers worldwide; to promote research on UFOs and discover the true nature of the phenomenon with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs and improving life on our planet; and to educate the public on the UFO phenomenon with its potential impact on society.  Join MUFON Investigators at the 2016 MUFON Symposium: UFOs: From our Oceans to Outer Space from 25 – 28 August in Orlando, Florida
Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center, 11 - 13 March 2016
Revered by many as the embodiment of wisdom, peace and unconditional love, Amma Sri Karunamayi will be giving discourses on the fundamental truths that support all faiths as part of her twenty-first World Tour in 2016.   All are invited to hear Amma’s inspiring message, join with her in singing devotional songs, and receive the blessings of her divine knowledge and love.
Known as the Champion to Feminine Leaders, Melissa Risdon helps women dare to live the life of their dreams. She is the owner of Permission to Receive and is on a mission to help heart-centered entrepreneurs live a life of purpose. Risdon's heart of gold and passion is felt by her listeners and clients. Risdon had a successful career in Corporate America before retiring and following her internal guidance and passion. Risdon has had to learn how to trust herself and her intuition. She now allows herself to receive all the blessings that come her way.
Angelo Torrealba is an Venezuelan licensed attorney and a human rights advocate. Torrealba has vast experience in business management related to non-profit organizations and international private law firms. He studied a Master in Business Administration in Melbourne, Australia while working as a legal manager for Minter Ellison Law Firm.  Torrealba’s legal studies are in public International law, alternative dispute resolution, human rights law, international business law, arbitration, law of the European Community and immigration law.
Andrew Aloha is Executive Producer of Spiritual Image Productions who's mission, goal, purpose is to Establish & Maintain Right Relationships Thru Human Values, or to exemplify to others right healthy relations with ourselves and with each other. Aloha is also a Radio Show Host for nearly five years, doing a variety of shows each month including innerviewing with people from all over the world who have been on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, History Channel, Coast to Coast, Gaiam TV, OM Magazine and more.
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A Spiritual Image Production's Angel of God Praying......:)
All the sounds of God in the Word OM .......:)
Written in Blood by Gabriel Yaiva
Maitreya Budda with Mary, July 1977 in Africa - photo
Pam Grout - God Doesn't Have Bad Hair Days: book
Annie Sprinkle N Elizabeth Stephens - SexEcology, exploring the places where sexology and ecology intersect in our culture– in art, theory, practice and activism.
Journey Into An Unknown World: the Way to Oneness Revisted by Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops delves into the cosmology of multi-dimensional spiritual existence. It takes you on a journey through the principles of creation, separation, the descending and ascending currents, faith, intuition, belief and evolution.
Patricia Sill - Sanctuary DesignWorks
Jack M. Zufelt is the Author of the #1 best sellingbook, The DNA of Success It is now in 15 languages.
Elaine Silver's many highly acclaimed recordings continue to receive rave reviews, while touching the hearts and minds of her listeners. Faerie Elaine brings magic, love and blessings to her concerts and appearances as a bright light sharing herself and her music with emotion and authenticity.
Gene Massey began his film career as a television commercial Director/Cameraman, specializing in dialogue-celebrity/spokesperson spots. His most recent work includes numerous short films and documentaries and he has filmed extensively in rural villages in India (current ten-year Visa). Since July of 2003, Gene has filmed in 25 countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and South America where he filmed volunteers in medical camps, informal settlements, hospitals, schools, and AIDS orphanages.
What in the World are They Spraying by G Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy & Paul Wittenberger: DVD
As a former critical care nurse, Barbara Becker understands the human body.  Naturally, she is a healer and channel for God's love, light, truth, beauty and inspiration. She considers herself a Star Being, as well as a spiritual teacher, author, angel communicator, Reiki master and teacher of traditional spiritual Tai Chi.
Maitreya Budda's hand - photo
Joanna Kennedy, the Passion Expert, founded the Center for Happiness, Love and Pleasure where she offers private sessions, products, and workshops that help liberate men and women to be their natural selves, have passionate sex lives, and create deeply loving relationships. She dedicates her life to helping men and women take off their masks, be themselves, and remember the power and potential of love.
In Astonish Yourself: TAP Your Heart, Pope tells how within 10 weeks of connecting with his Heart, he released 40 lbs of excess weight. He cured himself of a Thyroid disease for which he had taken medication daily for 10 years and he believes that you too can achieve astonishing results.
The Great Invocation - A Prayer for the Age of Aquarius
HEALING SOUNDS: FREQUENCIES II by Jonathan Goldman is the extraordinary follow up to the award winning, best-selling FREQUENCIES CD. This new collection features newly re-mastered excerpts and mixes from the last decade of Goldman's amazing recordings.
Organic Smile by Ivan Mendez Gonzalez (aka Ivan Lives): CD
In Multidimensional Healing, Florian Boschi combines ancient Chinese herbal medicine with modern supplementation. He transmutes blockages in the physical and energetic bodies that may be hindering the flow of energy to organs, limbs and tissues to effectively assist in creating deep transformative shifts in emotional and physical health as well as consciousness in order to free them up to thriving and living in new ways.
Directed & Produced by Michael J. Murphy, you can order Why in the World Are They Spraying today
Energize Your Business: Engage Your Employees with an Inspiring Strategic Planning Process by Ray Madaghiele: Do you want to get clear, get organized, get going, and get results as quickly as possible? If that's what you're looking for, then Energize Your Business is for you.
Founding Father of New Life Clinics Charitable Trust/Clinics, Dr. Robert G. Dean, Ph.D., C.Hth. is Executive Director & Chief Resident Clinical Hypnotherapist at New Life Charitable Trust/Clinics. He’s endorsed and recommended by over 80 major organizations including the State Highway Patrol, the New York Nurses Association, the Chicago Teacher's Union, Arkansas and California State Employee Associations. And, he’s author to several guide books and e-books including Going to the Top, Stop Smoking for Life, and Weight Management Guide. Additionally, he and his wife are supporters of The Urantia Book.
Crosses of Light within a window pane - photo
Benjamin Creme: Author, Lecturer, Forerunner for Maitreya Budda - photo
Maren Springsteen - Spun Gold: book of poetry
Flamenco Christmas by Eric Miller: album
Hand Drums for Whiskey Bottles by Quese Imc
The Gathering of the Forces of Light by Benjamin Creme: book
Our Spiritual Journey (The Sharanagati Community) by Jean Griesser, a.k.a. Visakha: website
Share International by Benjamin Creme - magazine
Transmission Meditation by Benjamin Creme - book
Kinepathics Institute with Anita DeFrancesco - Resources for Conscious Living & Loving
Angel Feathers Tickle Me by Linda Angel - blog
Making the Breast of It - Overcoming Fear of Intimacy After Mastectomy by Lea Yekutiel:  You're about to discover the SECRETS that most women never know that they can Look Good & Feel Great after Mastectomy as a results of Breast Cancer....Overcoming Fear of Intimacy after Mastectomy does NOT need to be a struggle in order to have an intimate relationship with a man.
Pamela Leigh Richards of Fly with Me Productions
Sedona Sojourner with Jennifer Zier - website
The Last Algonquin by Arizona Film Production's Phil L. Moyer: movie
Humanitarian Efforts Reaching Out: HERO is a collaborative team of health professionals, scientists, researchers, academics, engineers, and volunteer lay people. They are all dedicated to helping those less than fortunate than ourselves to create a healthier life in a more sustainable community hoping to preserve their cultures and alleviate human and animal suffering.
Filmmaker Jerod MacDonaald?Evoy has gone his entire life without faith. He listened to people tell him their own experiences and emphasize how much he was missing out. He wondered what it meant to be religious, then one day he decided he'd try to find out. Follow Jerod as he immerses himself in religion. Watch Jerod as he goes to churches and to mosques and asks people of faith what it means to them, and how faith plays into our culture. Will he find out if it is true that he's
Thoughts To Try Words To Live By - by Paul Lindsley: album
By Partnering with Parkinsons Dis-Ease with Judith K. Lynne you notice the abundant gifts it has to offer. You pay attention to your bodys needs including diet, exercise, and energy maintenance. And, rather than suffer from it, you build your bodys strength and stamina so that you can focus on holistic protocols.
This amazing TRUE STORY about ThunderBeat's life long Journey with ETs and Angels will shatter your views of the world, as you know it. Thunderbeat and her Mother were transported on board a spacecraft when she was 4 year old, and have been in contact with them since.
Beyond....Celestial Winds by David Young, is played with Recorders, Spanish and Classical Guitars, Piano and contemporary instrumentation. Perfect for romance and relaxation, Beyond Celestial Winds resounds with fresh energy and inspired passion.
In Spring 2011, Jonathan was named as one of Watkin's Reviews 100 Most Spiritually Influential People on the Planet. In 2011, Jonathan was inducted into the Massage Therapy's Hall of Fame. He presents HEALING SOUNDS lectures, workshops and seminars worldwide. Jonathan lives with his wife Andi in Boulder, Colorado.
Crystal Chilton - International Psychic, Meduim
For over twenty years, Rebekah Carpenter has traveled across the country and abroad as a keynote speaker, leadership and organizational development trainer and performing artist.
Hugh C. Browne's  life of adventure was engendered growing up in the tough streets of Harlem New York. He pledged early on to succeed personally and then to share his empowerment with the community. From his early teens, he used photography as his chief form of expression, soon to come out with Inspiration Paradise.
Healing Trauma & Self Care is a doorway to help you heal your emotions stuck inside of you with the help of poems, meditations, tips, mantras, energy from the Archangels, Divine and Bhavna's golden light. It was channeled by Bhavna on April 20th 2013 while she was in a flight, in the clouds closer to them.
Celestial Winds - Christmas Morning by David Young: cd
The Story of David by Ruth Ann Friend is about the reincarnation of a mother and son, returning back to earth in order to experience their soul's evolution, promise, and covenant. Both of them have the opportunity to learn what their soul needed and to teach what they had promised in sealing their blessed Covenant with the Creator. In the beginning of God's Creation they were created as one soul, then divided throughout their different lifetimes. Their largest struggle would be to work in this world. The story tells of many miraculous events that take place with spiritual help from the other side!
Taala Hooghan - Info Shop, Youth Media Arts Center
Cara’s Mosaic (Unplugged) by Cara Marie Mosaic: album
Keith J Chouinard: Radio Show Host, Healer & Director of the Holistic Center in West Brookfield, MA
Keith Chouinard:
Radio Show Host
& Healer
The Beginning is Near by Red Rock Rishis: album
Elaine Miles, M.Ed. uses a holistic approach to counseling people on making meaningful connections with others.
The New Familiar by Goldenboy: album
In The Night Sky by Linda S. Zimmerman is about the impact of UFO sightings over the decades in one of the most active regions in the world for UFO sightings, the Hudson.: book
The Garden by Mary Stark - 2013 I Am Entertainment Album of the Year
The Awakening Heart by Dana - Dharma Devi: album
2013 MUFON International Symposium - 18 thru 21 July 2013: button
Comedy Hypnotist Extraordinaire - Gregg Gabaylo
The Moment by Barry Goldstein - album
Quantum Grace by Shastina Free - album
Ananda Giri of One World Academy
The Ray Gomez Experience by Ray Charles Gomez: album
Fire on the Mountain by Meadow Lark Music - album
The Music of Paul Armitage by Paul Armitage - album
Lotus Eyes by Red Rock Rishis: album
Island of Love by Anahata - album
It's My Nature by Namrock - album
La Ventana by Riki Newell - album
7 Centers Yoga Arts - studio
Capital Choice Financial Services with Jeff Simbric - financial services
Bearcloud Gallery by Rod Bearcloud Berry - art gallery website
Islands of Light by Dr. Will Tuttle - album
The Sands of Time by Peter Sterling - album
A Silent Night by Meadow Lark Music - album
Celebration by Mario Reynolds - album
I Choose Love by Shawn Gallaway - album
Panache Desai - Emmisary of Peace, Love & Light
Elephant Prayers by Daniel Paul - album
Beyond Screenwriting: Insider Tips and Career Advice by Sterling Norman Anderson: book
Love Revolution by 2Suns: album
Naughty In Pink - All songs written by the Trestle Foote Faerie and her friend Celia Farran
Your Galactic Neighbors & First Contact by Sheldan Nidle - books
Queen of Hearts by Jai Uttal: album
Reincarnation Through Common Sense is a book of stripes and plaid in the most entertaining sense of Einsteins words. Westerners have written many books about living in Asian temples. None are like this true story. The rural Buddhist Monks and Nuns of a forest temple in Asia adopt a troubled traveler from Brooklyn, New York. He cant speak the language. No one there speaks English. He is penniless, with no ticket home. He is also very hung over, slightly suicidal, amusingly psychotic, and has no intention of studying spiritual discipline.
Love Promised - A Future Life Revealed by Kent Smith: book
Soul Portrait of Andrew Aloha by Una H. White - pastel
Five years in the making, When Angels Dream II by Anton Mizerak combines melodic flute, expansive esraj, angelic vocalizations with uplifting harmonica all played over a richly orchestrated bed of acoustic guitar, spacios synthesizers and ambient Tibetan bowls. Multi-instrumentalist Anton Mizerak is again joined by Nepali maestro flautist Manose and acoustic guitarist Gary Cooper. Benjy Wertheimer adds the esraj, a haunting bowed Indian stringed instrument. Virenia LInd (LA Opera Company) adds angelic vocalizations.
Ascending the Celestial Heart by Crystal Niewolny Schider
Ray Madaghiele inspires hope and awakens greatness in people and organizations
Penny Cohen, LCSW - a licensed  psychotherapist, certified hypnotherapist, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing  (EMDR), Energy Psychology, and Imago Relationship practitioner
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute with Natalia M. McKendry - website
Debut Album by Here II Here - album
Dr. Bob feels he has been blessed along his 45 year journey in metaphysics.
Star*Avatar - Emergence of a Messiah by Maitreya Miranda: This is the long-awaited disclosure of the identity and life of Miranda*, now coming forward as Maitreya in the year of 2012, as prophesied in many religions and cultures. Miranda* openly recounts her global, cosmic and inter-dimensional travels, and demonstrates through her own life how everything is interconnected. The books intention is to explain Truth, Love and Life in a universal way beyond todays varying belief systems, and thereby unite humanity in true spirituality as one global family.
Rieid Mihalko in
Songs of the Soul by Johnny Light: album
Shamanic Healer & Vocal Alchemist, Judith Kahealani Lynne has dedicated her life to mastering the role of the human voice especially as applied to the process of Awakening.  In the mid-'90's she developed Harmonic Healing™ and Vocal Energetics™, leading edge sound healing techniques. An early initiate into yoga and meditation, Judith Lynne is also a licensed minister and offers her services in Hawaii and Oregon.
LifeSource continually creating new and more advanced quantum technologies that benefit energy structures of human body and developing new tests that can explain this remarkable technology and its amazing benefits.
Vibrations by Peter Jam: CD
On 22nd December 2014, join Bhavna Srivastava for a Wellness day on the Golden Light Retreat. Grow your spiritual journey and connect within yourself and with the Universe, be a part of the Golden Aquarian Era. Also, from 7 - 15 February 2015, join Srivastava for a unique and exclusive Wellness & Spiritual Retreat for the seekers of Health, Happiness, Prosperity, peace and spirituality.
Universality by Peter Jam is filled with cultural diversity, with Jam singing in English, Armenian & Arabic in this cd. He utilizes his cultural and musical backgrounds, showing extraordinary enlightenment in it.
Arizona Emu Oil is a product of nature dating back thousands of years to Australia where the Aborigines of the outback use it as a natural healing remedy in their daily lives. Some of the many benefits of Emu Oil are relief with sunburns, dermatitis, itching and burning of athlete's foot, arthritis, diaper rash, shin splits, tired muscles and sport related injuries.
For the past decade, Screen Writer, Megan S. Smith has dedicated to writing. She has been writing narrative screenplays, and has most recently, in 2015 finished an animated film about her beloved dogs, Jackie and Bobby.
A Christmas I'll Remember by David Young includes A Christmas I'll Remember, Joy to the World, Ode to Joy, Amazing Grace, Pachelbel's Canon, What Child is This, Little Drummer Boy, Silent Night, Carol of the Bells, Deck the Halls, (Hark) The Herald Angels Sing and Medley.
PACKING FOR MARS premiered worldwide November 2015!! Inspired by the 1970's cult science fiction novel entitled ALTERNATIVE 3, one man, armed with nothing but a camera and an open mind, sets forth on a journey to reveal the truth behind what may well be one of the most startling mysteries: Is there a secret agenda involving a survival colony on Mars? Is there an elite caste who has inside information regarding ancient knowledge and Man's true origin? Is Earth on the verge of a massive shift in consciousness? The truth is stranger than fiction, just as the journey that unfolds.
Amma Sophia Rose is a High Priestess of Sonic Alchemy, Sound and Vibration. The gift of her voice was given to her through direct transmission from the Beloved Sophia. Never having the ability to sing before, it was no less than a miracle when the divine intonations of the Dove, Shekina Sophia sang through her on Cathedral Rock in Sedona AZ. Sophia is a gifted reader of the Akashic Records and specializes in Sonic Rose Alchemy, Soul Essence Readings and Akashic Clearing. Her psychic abilities are astounding and intuitive. She embraces her shamanic nature integrating both the shadow and the light. She embodies the essence of a true alchemist with a gift for piercing through the veil of illusion. Her passion for dance, sacred breath, music, poetry, and vibrational activation enable her to act as a divine conduit of universal love.
Welcome to the Dance is a wondrous collection of spiritual meditations, written by Reverend Dr. Cathy M. Miller, which can be used as a guide to self-help and self-empowerment. Profoundly intuitive and written through love, Welcome to the Dance is a necessary addition to the spiritual library of any person seeking to find self-awareness, grow in self-confidence and/or enhance his/her own spiritual path. Whether one chooses to read Welcome to the Dance from cover to cover, or simply allow his/her spirit to choose the pages needed for a particular moment in time, this beautifully written work will continue to inspire, bless and encourage many for generations to come. Free yourself from the constrains society has placed upon you. Be the amazing and beautiful creation you are meant to be.
Meet Manny Chokuba all the way out of Nashville, Tennessee who has traveled the world over for the last several years and has even become engaged as a part of the process.....CONGRATS MANNY......He's to be married this coming July and has many stories to tell us about his travels.......come join us and hear what ventures Manny has to offer......:)
The new album by Ananda Rasa, ARK Mulani dub Kirtan:Roots reggae, raga, dub kirtan with featured guests the Mayapuris, Prajna Vieira and Tahir Faridi Qawwal. Mixed by Michael Goldwasser (Dub Side of the Moon).
In 2001, Sunil started to engage in his true passion by founding Integral Transformational Systems, a company offering personal development training, consulting and coaching.  ITS offers program integrating ancient knowledge of consciousness with modern methods of accessing that level of being. All its programs and services are designed to expedite the emergence of human consciousness into higher stages of development, and to assist individuals in realizing their full potential. In addition to the courses listed above, ITS offers the Soul Dance workshop, a new possibility in intimate relationships, conscious relationship coaching for couples and singles, and life coaching programs that include deep energy healing that dissolves old emotional and spiritual wounds and programs.
Predictions 2016 and Beyond: The Prophets Speak by Betsey J. Lewis: International Psychic Betsey Lewis predicted that terrorist attacks would increase through the year. She envisioned blood flowing in the streets of the world. She predicted Trump and Hillary Clinton as 2016 Presidential candidates; she predicted celebrity deaths, the murder of Justice Scalia, and extreme weather, torrential rains, floods and droughts worldwide. Sadly, these events have happened in 2016 or are now taking place.
Pioneering the genre of psychedelic devotional disco, her self titled album Shamanatrix Missy Galore, is cosmically designed to make the listener shine!
REPARATION is an award-winning independent motion picture by Kyle P. Ham and Steve Timm about a troubled Air Force veteran who finds clues to his lost memories in his daughter's art — while confronted by a stranger looking for answers of his own.
Join us for the sixth annual StarworksUSA UFO Symposium - Art, Music & UFOs: The Evolution of Human Consciousness at the Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada, from 11 - 13 November, to be hosted by Paola L Harris, Producer of StarworksUSA, Investigative Journalist & Author; and Ron James, Host and Founder of Ivolve TV. The weekend includes a Dinner Gala, a 2-Day Buffet and other speakers including Karen Ong, Karen Gresham Nickell, Mike Bara, Erica Lukes, Jennifer Stein, Paul Davids, Douglas Taylor, Barbara Lamb, Dr. Steven Greer, Ricardo Gonzalez out of Peru, & Giuliano Falciani out of Italy.
In Goddess to the Core®, Sierra L. Bender uses an innovative mix of yoga techniques and indigenous spiritual tools such as smudging, prayer, ritual, and meditation, Sierra offers women practical guidance and inspiration for taking back vital energy while rediscovering happiness, health and wellness, inside and out.
Trees, Healing, and You: Guided Imagery, Poems, Stories, & Other Empowering Tools by Celine Cloutier, Kimberly Burnham, Basia Alexander, Jim Conroy, Daniel Tigner & Margo Royce:  book
Ufologist, Author, Radio Talk Show Host. Investigator/Researcher of UFOs, Paranormal Activity, Strange Creatures, Conspiracy & Ancient Civilizations, Chase Kloetzke has given the field something it has long needed; a concise, practical manual useful to both novice and veteran explorers of the strange. Admissible is the first Field Manual addressing the core of investigation tactics and case management for the most conclusive files and results for the modern and professional investigator of unknown phenomenon.
Ragas of the Four Seasons by Daniel Paul is composed of four solos of Indian classical music on bansuri flute, sarod (lute), sitar and tabla tarong (melody drums) accompanied by tabla. Sixty minutes of soft and slow traditional music for yoga and meditation!
Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers: The Truth Behind the Misinformation, Distortion, and Derision by Debunkers, Government Agencies, and Conspiracy Conmen by Kathleen Marden & Stanton T. Friedmann, examines the wealth of archival documents that clearly demonstrate this cooperative disinformation effort and refute the false claims made by these professional scoffers. Friedman and Marden set the record straight by examining politically motivated misinformation and presenting the compelling evidence that separates fact from fiction.
Recent evidence of David Marler’s historical research is his newly-published book, Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation. Here, he has provided a comprehensive analysis of triangular UFOs. He has collected, collated, and analyzed hundreds of reports. In the process, he has created a detailed profile of these objects and written a rich narrative of their history. He tackles the arguments made by skeptics that dismiss these triangular UFO reports outright. He also addresses the claims of so-called insiders who claim these objects are a creation of the U.S. military.
Tony Angiola and Ben Moss are guest experts on The History Channel’s Hangar 1 TV show. Since January of 2015 they have been working with Ray Stanford and Chris O’Brien on releasing new found photographic evidence from the 1964 Socorro landing that was witnessed by Office Lonnie Zamora and seen by many others that day.  With the help of researchers like James Fox and Rob Mercer, Ben and Tony have been piecing together new evidence from Project Blue Book and the National Archives never before seen about this case.
Erling P. Strand's main work is to teach students at Ostfold College subjects such as Datacommunication and Microprosessor. Another part of his work and interest is to run Project Hessdalen. He has had his own experiences which he wants to find out more about. He's seen what people of Hessdalen often see in their valley. He thinks it is possible to find out what it is.
Reverend John M. Polk writes: I am channeling
The 2017 MUFON Symposium at the JW Marriott in Las Vegas, Nevada from 21 - 23 July 2017
Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera was born in Lima, Peru. From the age of 10, he began to question the nature of reality and what motivates human behavior. From the age of 12, he began to participate in Western esoteric and Oriental mystical groups, trying to synthesize knowledge while maintaining a critical perspective all along. In 1987 he earned a degree in Sociology from Georgetown University and, in 1990, two business certificates from John F. Kennedy University.
On the night of March 31, 1967, a series of strange events occurred in South Florida involving several unidentified flying objects, U.S. and Cuban military personnel, and hundreds of civilian witnesses. Bill Schroeder, a young Army fire control operator at B Battery HAWK missile site in Key West, tracked several objects on radar traveling at impossible speeds. These “bogeys” evaded both U.S. and Cuban fighter jets scrambled to intercept them. Even more disturbing, the UFOs emitted an electromagnetic countermeasure that disabled B Battery’s electronic surveillance and caused the destruction of one of the Cuban MiG-21s. Told by his superiors the incident was part of a NORAD drill and not to discuss it with anyone, Bill Schroeder lived with this secret for years before finally coming forward with his story. Author Jack Roth shares Schroeder’s incredible account, along with other witness testimony and details that have been brought to light over the years as a result of Schroeder’s persistent research. Unknown Down also includes interviews with former military personnel who experienced similar encounters and UFO researchers who point to the significance of cases involving military/missile bases, military witnesses, confirmed radar acquisition, and other tangible evidence supporting the existence of UFOs.
Orange Sky is the signature fine dining restaurant at Talking Stick Resort with one of the best sunset views in Arizona and an award-winning wine list.
Ignacio Cisneros grew in knowledge, practice and understanding. He learned to sail high-performance catamarans and to fly hang gliders. His mind and heart grew in depth and width; so deep and wide that he became aware of former incarnations. In his early 40s he began to have experiences and gain insights that led him to the creation of an astronomical methodology to measure and validate reincarnation and karma – astrometrics. That was developed while traveling through Europe and the Near East, questing for, and stalking his own soul.
Artist at SAG-AFTRA, Real Estate Agent at Strong Real Estate Inc and Photographer at
“Can you see me Naked” by Adelé Green is a book written by a woman, for men, to help them understand how they can assist in facilitating a transformational shift in their female partner, where she reconnects fully with her feminine essence. They can do this by participating with their partner in a ‘conscious’ relationship.
Ivolve Media Group, Inc. was founded by conscious media veteran Ron James who has created and produced over 200 DVDs.  He has also won a combined total of 17 national awards for various media arts.
A new world if you Can take it - is a speech given by Filippo Sarpa & Sara Rani Rolando in Laughlin, Nevada last year, November 2016.  Here they present their research work in Perù, Bolivia and Easter Island & their Exopolitics investigation.  They both live in Italy and are committed to the betterment of mankind;
MOON, owner and founder of Suspect Familia, comes from the East Coast to California.  He set his sites on being part of the “local artist movement
Francis L Conrad has gathered practical strategies from 43 years of international travel and 35 years as a therapist.  He helps people to have a greater purpose and deeper fulfillment in the second half of their life through travel.